Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quia Pages For Rhetorical Device Review

A page of rhetorical device flashcards: http://www.quia.com/jfc/518288.html?AP_rand=24034927

A page of hangman leading questions pertaining to rhetorical devices:

Quia Pages For Rhetorical Device Review

A page of rhetorical device flashcards: http://www.quia.com/jfc/518288.html?AP_rand=24034927

A page of hangman leading questions pertaining to rhetorical devices:

Friday, January 25, 2013

AP Essay Prompt #3 (Vergil)

The first 11 lines of Book I of the Aeneid lay out the fundamental themes of the poem to come. In it, the narrator addresses Aeneas' trials, his status as a veteran and wanderer and his destiny as the father of the Roman race. Juno is named as the agent responsible for his trials, on account of her "unforgetting anger". In a well-reasoned essay, explain whether the narrator's (and, we assume, Vergil's) voice is one that displays a healthy and reverent respect for the gods or an anxious despair about the terrible and absolute power of divine figures.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

AP Essay Prompt #2

Discipuli Fortissimi,

This prompt is taken from the Caesar workbook and is based on a selection DBG 4.26-27 (last part of Lesson 7 and first part of Lesson 8), beginning at "Quod cum animadvertisset Caesar..." and ending at "...et se civitatesque suas Caesari commendare coeperunt". Incorporating the strategies and practices we discussed from your last essays, answer the following prompt to the best of your ability. Try to limit your response time to 35 minutes.

"In this passage Caesar's leadership skills are on display as he oversees the battle taking place before him, as well as in his dealings with the defeated enemy in the aftermath of the battle. In a short essay, discuss the presentation of Caesar as a leader. What qualities does he posses that enable him to be an effective leader during the battle itself? Does he also show effective leadership in dealing with the Britons after the battle?

Memento!: 1) Support your answer with direct quotes from the passage. Make sure to provide your own translation or close paraphrase to show the reader that you comprehend the text at hand.
                   2) Aim for a 2:1 ratio in sentences of Commentary (your analysis) to Concrete Detail(passage).
                   3) Focus your response to the particular wording of the prompt (Here to "discuss" specific qualities of Caesar's leadership, rather than comparison and contrast or some other approach).
                   4) Be assertive in your analysis. You are trying to convince the reader that you are an expert on Caesar and that your answer is completely on-point.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Latin IV Caesar Essay Prompt #1

In the Book I of De Bello Gallico, Caesar devotes a considerable amount of time to describing his opponents the Gauls and the series of events that brought these peoples into conflict with the Romans. Using the text we have read thus far, assess the way in which Caesar characterizes the Gauls and which of these traits (if any) traits they have in common with the Romans.

N.B.: Due to the late posting of this prompt, you will have until 11:59 pm, Monday the 15th, to post your reply.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Epistula Mihi Rubric

Epistula Mihi Rubric

Discipuli Carissimi,

Your objective in writing an Epistula Mihi (Letter To Myself) is very straightforward. The Romans did not have many original artistic innovations to their name, borrowing mostly from the models they took from the Greeks, but did manage to turn letter-writing from an necessity of technical communication into an art form all its own.
You will include a few formal conventions in your epistula, but you are to focus mostly on another prominent feature of Roman literature: preserving your current experience to send a message to a future audience-- which, in this case, happens to be yourself!
Your task this weekend is to complete a draft of your epistula, which you will bring to class on Tuesday. It should follow the Formal Requirements, since these make sure your letter follows proper Roman convention in letter-writing, as well as the Content Requirements, since these will help you decide what exactly you want the tu futurus to know. I've included a sample letter to give you an idea of what your draft should look like when you are done. Scribendum laetum!
NOTA BENE: It is very important that you write this letter in your own handwriting. You may type it out ahead of time on a word processor, but the draft and final letter must be sua manu.

Formal Requirements

I) Salutation: “[Your name] gives greetings to [Your name]”

II) Body Paragraphs: At least three paragraphs with at least three sentences each.

III) Complimentary Close: “If you are well, I am happy,”

IV) Signature: “[Your name]”

Content Requirements

I) Your purpose for writing.

II) Where you are writing the letter.

III) What shoes you are wearing (if any).

IV) What you expect the school year to be like.

V) One academic goal you have for the year.

VI) One social goal you have for the year.

VII) One athletic or health-related goal you have for the year.

VII) One personal goal you have for the year.

VIII) One wish you have for your future self.

IX) A code phrase to yourself that only you would understand.

Sample Letter

Jacob Jinkins gives greetings to Future Jacob Jinkins,

Salve, future self! Jacob here. I'm sitting on the couch in the living room right now, trying to keep from putting my red Chuck Taylors (you've still got them, right?) on the coffee table. writing you a letter to remind you what was going on back when school was getting started. I'm kind of nervous, honestly. There's a lot I have to do this year with school, and band, and Boy Scouts and everything else. I think it's going to be tough to keep my grades up and still have time to hang out and not go to bed after midnight every night!
I'm keeping focused, though. There's a lot I want to do this year. I think this year I can manage to keep at least a B in all my classes—all A's if Call Of Duty doesn't get in the way, haha! I also want to make some more friends in my grade, since a lot of my best pals are graduating this year. I enjoyed jogging this summer to get in shape for band, so I want to try to keep running at least three times a week. It's definitely helped me stress less so far.
More than anything, though, I really just want to worry less, about everything. I get so worked up about stuff and nine times out of ten it works out just fine. I'm going to try to remember that whenever I start to stress and just count to ten then go high-five Pablo or something. I'm psyched he's in AP U.S. with me.
OK, Future Jake, time to go eat dinner then watch some Adventure Time. I hope you enjoy reading this letter in May and that you're really happy with how everything went. Don't vacuum the ceiling too often, yo!

If you are well, I am happy,

Jacob Jenkins

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Articles Of Note

An interesting application of Laocoon to the recent tragedy at Ft. Hood.