Saturday, November 10, 2012

AP Essay Prompt #2

Discipuli Fortissimi,

This prompt is taken from the Caesar workbook and is based on a selection DBG 4.26-27 (last part of Lesson 7 and first part of Lesson 8), beginning at "Quod cum animadvertisset Caesar..." and ending at " se civitatesque suas Caesari commendare coeperunt". Incorporating the strategies and practices we discussed from your last essays, answer the following prompt to the best of your ability. Try to limit your response time to 35 minutes.

"In this passage Caesar's leadership skills are on display as he oversees the battle taking place before him, as well as in his dealings with the defeated enemy in the aftermath of the battle. In a short essay, discuss the presentation of Caesar as a leader. What qualities does he posses that enable him to be an effective leader during the battle itself? Does he also show effective leadership in dealing with the Britons after the battle?

Memento!: 1) Support your answer with direct quotes from the passage. Make sure to provide your own translation or close paraphrase to show the reader that you comprehend the text at hand.
                   2) Aim for a 2:1 ratio in sentences of Commentary (your analysis) to Concrete Detail(passage).
                   3) Focus your response to the particular wording of the prompt (Here to "discuss" specific qualities of Caesar's leadership, rather than comparison and contrast or some other approach).
                   4) Be assertive in your analysis. You are trying to convince the reader that you are an expert on Caesar and that your answer is completely on-point.