Saturday, October 18, 2008

Inquisitio Tertia

In Poem 8, Catullus writes his interal agony into a debate between his desiring and despising self. Supporting your assertions with references from the entire poem (in Latine!), discuss how the dramatic character of Catullus 8 is enhanced by his dialogue. Remember to focus on an original analysis rather than simple summary of the passage.

Essay due by midnight on Monday.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Inquisitio Secunda

Catullus 13 is often described as an invitation to dinner. Is it? What would a normal dinner invitation be like, and how does this poem invert and parody what one would expect in a dinner invitation? In a concise and clear essay, describe how the structure and rhetorical devices of the poem produce a comical effect. Be sure to quote the Latin text in your response.

n.b.: Owing to my tardiness in posting, this essay is now due by midnight on Tuesday.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Inquisitio Prima

Ok, carissimi, here is your first formal assessment of the year. You must post a response to the following prompt by midnight on Sunday. I am looking for an AP-style essay, so do your best to give an answer that shows an analytical interpretation of the text, using the poems themselves to back up what you say, with a proper mix of content to commentary (1:2 is a good ratio). i will grade according to the AP rubric, so don't worry so much about stylistic purity as intellectual clarity.

Catullus Prompt 1:

In Poem 22, Catullus makes light of his friend Suffenus' limited poetic abilities and, moreover, his blindness to his own limitations. Such teasing is quintessentially Catullan. However, Catullus ends his poem with a poignant reflection on the limitations of all human egos where their frailities are concerned. Citing significant passages from the text, outline what you believe to be Catullus' larger moral from the example Suffenus.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Tuesday: 43+Scansion

Wednesday: 86+Scansion

Thursday: 13+Scansion

Friday: Reading Quiz over 22, 50, 51.

Weekend: 12+Scansion.

I'll be posting a prompt on Friday to be answered by midnight on Sunday.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Litterae Datae Primae

Salvete, Latin IV AP. Here is the promised blog, where you will post all your deepest musings on Catullus and Cicero for the coming year. Your first assignment is to respond to this post just so i know that you have an account and can complete prompts on the blog. Bringing Latin into the 21st century, yeah!!!